Liquid-Cooled Cold Plates
October 2006
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Liquid-cooled cold plate products are available for desktop PCs and power semiconductors, such as insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs), devices that switch power in power supplies and motor control applications.
Taking advantage of proprietary metal injection molding manufacturing technologies, the supplier says it can mold cold plates out of copper in essentially any shape without machining, and produce cold plates in high volume. As a result, the company’s cold plates are said to offer significant advantages.
In desktop PCs applications, the company’s technology enables copper cold plates with complex shapes and fin designs, said to deliver increased thermal performance while helping to reduce the overall cost of the liquid cooling system.
For IGBTs and other power semiconductors, the company enables cold plates of optimal design shape and size in copper, said to be manufactured quickly and cost-effectively for greater efficiency, better thermal performance and high reliability.
As high-performance semiconductors generate more heat and as
shrinking circuit sizes accelerate an increase in power density, designers are challenged to develop heat dissipation solutions that are said to effective, practical and affordable.
For applications such as desktop PCs, or systems that need to be cooled quietly for use in living or family rooms, or high-power IGBT modules that might produce 3,000 W each or more—liquid cooling is said
to be a heat dissipation method of choice because of its high
thermal performance and low noise. Amulaire Thermal Technology,


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