Dispensing System
October 2006
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The Axiomâ„¢ X-1022 dual-lane dispensing system is designed to maximize throughput during multi-pass underfill operations. The dual-lane system is said to increase the number of units per hour produced in high-volume semiconductor applications such as flip chip and chip scale package underfill. The dispensing system allows parallel processing on two lanes for continuous dispensing, eliminating lost time in non-dispensing activities, such as material flow-out and substrate loading and unloading. In some applications, a 60- to 80-percent increase in throughput over single-lane dispensers can be achieved. The dual-lane capability allows underfill flow-out in one lane while jetting underfill in the opposite lane. The system is also configured with up to six stations of contact or impingement heating, three stations per lane: pre-heat, dispense and post-heat. The six heat stations are said to ensure precise and consistent substrate heating at specified ramp rates for efficient and highly reliable fluid dispensing. Asymtek


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