Unique Locking Fastener
October 2006
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The company says standard locking fasteners do not address a basic design problem with the standard 60-degree thread form: that the gap between the crest of the male and female threads can lead to vibration-induced thread loosening. Engineers have successfully addressed this challenge, as well as reduced component weight and enabling re-usability, with the company’s unique locking fastener. This fastener has a re-engineered thread form that adds a 30-degree wedge ramp at the root of the thread, which mates with standard 60-degree male thread fasteners. The wedge ramp allows the bolt to spin freely relative to female threads until clamp load is applied. The crests of the standard male thread form are then drawn tightly against the wedge ramp, eliminating radial clearances and creating a continuous spiral line contact along the entire length of the thread engagement. This continuous line contact is intended to spread the clamp force more evenly over all engaged threads and thus improve resistance to vibrational loosening, axial-torsional loading, joint fatigue, and temperature extremes. Spiralock


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