Ethernet Cable Withstands Gasoline and Other Fluids
September 2006
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The vapor-proof Ethernet cable is a multi-conductor, gasoline- and oil-resistant cable that satisfies certain electrical, mechanical and environmental requirements commonly found in gas and oil dispensing systems. A vapor-proof barrier complies with UL-87 and allows installers and OEMs to use these cables without the trouble of removing the cable jacket and potting the cable core. Direct hook-up is now possible. Vapor-proof Ethernet cable allows for a direct connection between the pump and the point-of-sale for Ethernet communication. This cable can be used where gasoline-resistant jackets and vapor proof protection is required from category type communication cable.
Vapor-proof Ethernet cable is easily terminated to RJ-45 connectors or terminal blocks. It prevents permeation of vapor to non-explosion proof environments. The cables are available in Category 3 and Category 5. Reel sizes are 1,000 feet (305 m) and up. In addition to UL-87, section 36A, vapor-proof Ethernet cable also meets TIA/EIA-568. Tyco Electronics,


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