Industrial Cables
September 2006
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The company offers netFLEX-10M™ (Hi-Flex THIN and MID), THICK (Tray Cable) and MID (Standard) cables for DeviceNet applications.
Both netFLEX™ THIN and MID DeviceNet cables are designed to withstand 10 million flex cycles and are ideal for C-track and robotic applications. In addition to abrasion resistance, the black TPE outer jacket makes the cables suitable for welding applications.
The THICK DeviceNet Tray Cables reduce the need for additional cable trays. This 600-V tray cable allows placement in the same cable tray as power cables, making additional cable trays for low-power or communication cables unnecessary. The DeviceNet tray cable is available in mini connectors as single or double-ended cord sets.
The MID DeviceNet Cable is intended to fill the gap between current THIN and THICK DeviceNet Cables. Compared to Thin cable, MID cable improves the maximum trunk length from 100 m to 300 m for 125kbit/s and 200 m for 250kbit/s and still allows the use of Micro (M12) connectors. Lumberg, Inc.,


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