Locking Plugs
September 2006
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A new line of locking plugs is designed to offer high-quality, two-pole, three-wire grounding devices for equipment requiring a National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) locking plug configuration.
The plugs offer reliability in applications such as commercial food processing equipment and commercial and industrial cleaning equipment. The line of NEMA locking plugs feature one-piece brass contacts for reliability, a nylon dead-front design and a rugged black PVC UL 94 V-2 rated husk.
Available in OEM-size bulk packages of 100 in divider cartons, the plugs come with terminal screws that are backed out and husks located in a separate carton compartment for easy production line assembly. Individual wiring compartments also help speed assembly. The NEMA locking plugs are available in wide range of ratings, including 15 A, 125 V, 250 V, or 277 V; 20 A, 125 V or 250 V; and 30 A, 277 V, with respective NEMA configurations of L5-15P, L6-15P, L7-15P, L5-20P, L6-20P, and L7-30P.
Plug terminals can accommodate #18-#10 AWG, with a cord grip range of 0.240 inch to 0.700 inch (0.61 cm to 1.78 cm) for 15 A plugs, 0.385 inch to 0.860 inch (0.98 cm to 2.18 cm) for 20 A and 30 A plugs. They have a dielectric voltage withstand of 2,000 V, a full rated current interrupt, and a maximum temperature rise of 30°C at full rated current after 50 cycle overload at 150 percent rated current for both AC and DC, per UL 498. Leviton Manufacturing Co., www.leviton.com


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