Self-Wetting Adhesives
August 2006
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Two self-wetting adhesive films, ARclear® 90854 and ARclear 90684 , are designed to provide temporary protection to the surface of touch screens and flat-panel display screens in high-use, abusive or harsh environments, such as mobile phones, MP3 players and PDAs. The adhesive virtually self-applies by spontaneously “wetting out” onto smooth surfaces. Both of these adhesive films can be repositioned repeatedly and are cleanly removable, even after an extended period of time, allowing users to replace the film when damaged while protecting the sensitive display underneath.
These films are environmentally durable, with ultra-low peels to prevent build-up, high-shear resistance to prevent displacement and very low pressure lamination. They can be die cut to fit specific display surface dimensions. ARclear 90854 is supplied on a clear, hard-coated film and ARclear 90684 is supplied on an anti-glare, hard-coated film.
There is also ARclean 90178 and ARclean 90176, two electronically clean, low outgassing adhesives with adhesive conformability designed for perimeter spacer bonding in resistive touch screens and similar electronic devices. The electronically clean adhesives reduce fogging and minimize corrosion, which preserves linearity of the delicate conductive oxide (ITO) surfaces and circuitry in touch screen devices.
ARclear optically clear transfer adhesives are for display applications that are non-birefringent, with low haze (<1 percent), high clarity (>97 percent) and high light transmission (>95 percent). All the adhesives are designed for long-term durability and to be environmentally robust, resisting temperature extremes, humidity and UV light. The ARclear product line has been engineered to work in concert with critical display materials, films and other components. Adhesives Research, Inc.


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