Epoxy System
August 2006
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A new high performance, high-temperature resistant epoxy resin system, EP46HT-1 is a two-component system that cures at moderate elevated temperatures. It is said to offer a high level of structural strength and chemical resistance, for service temperatures as high as 550°F to 600°F (288°C to 316°C). Resistance to water, acids, bases, salts, fuels, and many other organic chemicals is said to be excellent.
The product has a glass transition temperature in excess of 230°C. The supplier says it offers superior adhesion to both similar and dissimilar substrates, and says electrical insulation properties are high with volume resistivities measured at 1016 ohms/cm. EP46HT-1 is 100-percent reactive and does not contain volatiles. Master Bond Inc., www.masterbond.com


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