Torque Tension
August 2006
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Precote 85™ is designed to provide locking for cylinder head, power train and other high-stressed threaded bolts with controlled friction. The turquoise-colored adhesive is designed to be fast-curing. The adhesive is resistant to temperatures from -58°F (-50°C) to 300°F (150°C) and can be applied on screws, studs and non-standard parts as well as on thread plugs and pipe threads. Maximum strength is achieved within 24 hours at room temperature. As the industry’s only duomicroencapsulated thread adhesives, the adhesive will not prematurely harden due to chemical reactions of moisture and/or solvent penetration. The pre-applied adhesive is said to be ideal for electronics, telecommunications and other high technology industries since it eliminates the need for additional locking devices and significantly reduce labor costs. It accomplishes this by eliminating in-house application of adhesives. Nylok,


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