Light Source
August 2006
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The Loctite® 7703 hand-held LED light source is said to deliver safe, efficient, immediate cure of Loctite 3552™ and Loctite 3553™ visible-light cure adhesives. The high-powered, portable system provides output up to 2.0 W/cm2 of visible light irradiance, and measures 9 inches by 1 inches by 3/4 inch. The light source is said to virtually eliminate substrate heating, emits no UV wavelengths and requires no specialized protective equipment to ensure worker safety. Ideal for applications in crowded or hard-to-reach areas, the light source features an LED point light source with an extended tip that effectively cures adhesive joints up to 1/4-inch2. The LED lamp also performs up to five times longer than typical UV bulbs. Portable or mountable, the system can use rechargeable batteries or an AC adapter. Henkel Corporation


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