Pressure Switch
August 2006
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The Lint-Alert, an electromechanical pressure switch, is designed for dryers. The DesignFlex pressure switch mates with the company’s specially designed pitot tube receptor that slides and snaps into place in the dryer’s exhaust conduit. Measuring the pressure differential within the clothes dryer exhaust conduit and atmosphere, the device will detect and notify the appliance user of any blockage. Potential blockage issues include the buildup of lint due to the condensation and moist air in the pipe, the potential of the flex being crushed or kinked creating a “bottleneck” situation, bird or rodent nests near the exhaust termination cutting off air flow, screens within the termination hoods allowing lint to accumulate over time, or inoperative dampers. The UL-approved switch is an OEM component installed on the exhaust conduit of the dryer at or near its exit port. In-O-Vate Technologies, Inc.

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