Sealed Tactile Switch
July 2006
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The STJ Series sealed tactile switch features a compact, space-saving package of 7.2 mm by 7.2 mm. The company says a spherical actuator design allows multi-directional, off center actuation of plus or minus 30 degrees. The RoHS-compliant STJ, right-angle STJV, and surface-mount STJS Series offer a choice of silver- or gold-plated contacts over nickel-plated stainless steel. Terminal materials are either silver or gold over nickel-plated brass. The STJ Series offers actuation force choices of 130 gF, 200 gF, 300 gF, and 500 gF. The right-angle version, STJV offers 200 gF or 300 gF actuation force. Both the STJ and the STJV have a stainless-steel actuator and actuator cover with 6/6 nylon switch housing. The bracket on the STJV is tin-plated steel. CIT Relay & Switch,


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