High-Temperature Switches
July 2006
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High-temperature versions of the company’s D3V miniature unsealed switch are available and are designed to withstand temperatures of up to 200ºC in ovens, rotisserie cookers, timers, and other applications. Rated at 11 A, 6 A and 0.1 A, the switches use polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) plastic molding material because of its high-temperature performance and inherent flame and chemical resistance. The high-temperature versions are RoHS-compliant and conform to EN 61058-1, UL 1054, CSA C22.2, and UL 858 requirements for components incorporated in household appliances. The 6-A and 0.1-A versions are VDE- and UL-approved for an operating temperature of 200ºC, while the 11-A version was submitted to VDE and UL for approval at 155ºC. All are available with either internally or externally fitted levers, two fixing positions for external levers and a choice of terminal options. The switches are offered in SPDT, SPST-NC and SPST-NO configurations.
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