Self-Hold Thermal Cut-Out and Thermal Protectors
July 2006
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The company says its UB8P and UB81P self-hold thermal cut-out and thermal protectors are designed to provide heat protection in high-voltage applications, such as space heaters, dishwashers, mixers, blenders, grinders, and other electronic appliances. The body of the device is manufactured from phenolic resin and features a patent-pending partition wall design that isolates the switch from the main body. The company says the design effectively controls arcing and ensures continuous operation to setpoint. The UB81P features a reinforced PBT enclosure for dust-proof applications; the UB8P has an exposed bi-metallic element for high accuracy and fast response to ambient air temperature. Both models incorporate a “self-hold” non-self-resetting function that ensures that after the element reaches its pre-set open temperature, the internal heater activates to maintain a self-regulating temperature, preventing the switch from resetting until the user disconnects the power. Measuring 31.5 mm by
6.5 mm by 4.2 mm, the UB8P and UB81P feature an operating temperature set range from 75°C to 145°C. Contact ratings are 16 A at 125 V and 10 A at 250 V AC to 6,000 cycles. Selco/ECC,


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