Snap-Action Switch
July 2006
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The company’s new version of its GP series precision snap-action switch features UL current ratings of 20 A at 125 V AC and mechanical endurance of more than 1 million cycles. The switches are suited for heavy-duty commercial and industrial applications such as factory automation, industrial vehicles, elevators, and valves. The series employs a beryllium copper spring and heavy-duty silver contacts to provide long-life switching at a wide variety of loads. Horsepower (hp) ratings are 1 hp at 125 V AC and 2 hp at 250 V AC. The GP series is housed in a phenolic case measuring approximately 1.9 inches (L) by 0.9 inch (H) by 0.7 inch (W). The switch is rated for temperatures ranging from -20°C to 85°C. Cherry Corporation,


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