October 2005
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The DmF6 Series of DC-AC inverters is said to offer flat-panel display integrators a high-power inverter in a compact package for powering up to six cold cathode fluorescent (CCF) lamps used to power CCFL-backlit LCDs in the 19- to 24-inch diagonal size range. The inverters are designed to power up to six CCF lamps with combined lamp power up to 60 W and provide a starting voltage up to 2,400 V, with full flicker-free brightness control from 0 to 100 percent. The inverters feature an optimized form factor, high-efficiency, on-board transformers, and on-board connectors for direct connection to the display, all on a single low-profile PC board measuring 9.52 inches (241.8 mm) by 2.83 inches (71.8 mm). Endicott Research Group

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