July 2006
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MAE® brushless servomotors are said to deliver high performance in a compact package to satisfy demanding power applications where space may be minimal and weight may be a factor. The servomotors can be equipped with Hall effect sensors and encoders to provide accurate position and speed feedback. The unit’s compact design and reduced weight is said to be made possible by optimized integration of copper in the stator’s winding; a uniquely engineered rotor structure allowing maximum concentration of magnetic flux; and use of high-energy NdFeB permanent magnets in motor construction. The servomotors (Series BM) are available in nine models incorporating four- or eight-pole stators. Motor lengths range from 55 mm to 274.5 mm and external diameters range from 5.1 cm to 10 cm. Rated torque up to 6 Nm and peak torque up to 18 Nm can be achieved, depending on model. PennEngineering Motion Technologies


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