Power Line Transceiver
July 2006
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The ST7540 is a half duplex Binary-FSK (frequency shift keying) transceiver designed for two-way network communication over power lines, with eight selectable carrier frequencies covering CENELEC bands A, B and C, and four programmable baud rates from 600 bps to 4,800 bps. The device integrates a single-ended power amplifier with accessible input and output lines that can be used with just a few external signal components as part of a tunable active filter for the transmission path, which is said to provide superior linear power performances and reduce the application’s parts count and cost. Other features of the transceiver include programmable header recognition and frame length count that increases efficiency and reduces power consumption by activating the external MCU only when a message with a specific header or frame length is detected, and programmable output level freezing that increases transmission stability in particularly noisy environments. STMicroelectronics, Inc.


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