Electric Digital Smokehouse
July 2006
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Masterbuilt Manufacturing’s electric digital smoker is an outdoor-use smoker built in a refrigerator-style cabinet. A pushbutton digital control allows the user to set the thermostat to a temperature between 100°F (37°C) to 275°F (135°C). The digital timer allows up to 24 hours of cooking time and the unit has an automatic shut-off feature. After smoking, the unit keeps food warm until it is removed.
Mark Moore, vice president of sales and marketing, says the electronic controls are designed to address smoker users’ top complaint with charcoal or propane gas smokers: difficulty maintaining consistent temperature. The electric smoker is designed with insulated walls, also intended to help keep temperatures steady. The unit’s compact form factor is said to make it useable even on small patios. Interior space offers 700 square inches (4,500 cm2) of smoking capacity.
A side-loading wood tray is designed to make the unit easier and safer to use. Wood chips are placed in a tube-like hopper that slides into the side of the smoker box, and the hopper is turned to deposit the chips into the smoker box. To replenish the chips, the hopper is removed and refilled. www.masterbuilt.com

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