Dual-Function Reflectometer
June 2006
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The Novo-Shade Duo™ is a dual-function reflectometer designed for measuring shade and calculating opacity with 45/0-degree geometry. In shade mode, the unit measures paint, ink and coating shade; textile and plastic fading; paint chalking; detergent and bleaching agent efficiency; recycled paper whiteness; and metal surface cleanliness and oxidization. In opacity mode, the unit measures paint, ink and coating hiding power; plastic film transparency; and paper opacity. The reflectometer features an automatic calibration mode and a continuous-read feature for quick checking of large surfaces for color or opacity variations. The unit conforms to several international standards, including ISO 2814 and 6504; BS 3900-D4 and D7; ASTM E 97, E 1347, D 4214, and D 2805; and ASTM D 589. Paul N. Gardner Company, Inc., www.gardco.com

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