Four-in-One Electrical Safety Tester
June 2006
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The 4320 enhanced four-in-one electrical safety tester performs the four most common electrical safety tests—AC hipot, DC hipot, insulation resistance, and ground bond— through one device under test (DUT) connection. In AC hipot mode, the tester can output up to 5 KV at 20 mA, and in DC hipot mode it will output up to 6 KV at 5 mA. Unlike other instruments, these are continuous duty cycle ratings so the tester does not have to be shut down during the day, even when used at full output. The insulation resistance test mode offers a test range of up to 1,000 megohms, while the ground bond test mode provides up to 30 A of test current.
The tester offers features such as electronic ramp and dwell, and milliohm offset, all of which help maintain consistent test results. The company says the new test solution offers manufacturers an all-in-one test solution without the cost and expense of fully automated test systems. Slaughter Company, Inc.,


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