Tensile Tester for Textiles, Rubber and Leather
June 2006
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The TT2100 Tensile Tester measures textiles, rubber and leather and, according to the company, is unique in that it can show real time force and elongation on a computer monitor as the force and elongation values change. It can immediately print out the values on x and y axes for further study of the testing results. In addition to tensile testing, the unit tests tear strength, peel strength, adhesion, coefficient of friction, burst, proofload, and stress relaxation. Custom variations of the tester are available for unique testing applications. The tester operates on Windows 2000 software and is offered with a Pentium PC. Requiring less than 2 square feet of counter space, the unit tests at substantial levels—up to 225 pounds-force. Benz Materials Testing Instruments, www.benztesters.com

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