Production Safety Analyzer
June 2006
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The company’s Guardian 6100 Plus Production Safety Analyzer combines six instruments in one and provides AC and DC hipot up to 5 kV/6 kV, respectively, insulation resistance to 1,000 V DC and 50 G-ohm, ground bond to 30 A, leakage current/functional run, and open/short measurements from a single test connection. The analyzer features Twin-Port™ technology that provides simultaneous hipot and ground bond testing. With a 20-A input current capability, the G6100 Plus performs functional run tests while monitoring the voltage, current or power. Ground bond testing to 40 A is possible with an optional transformer. The unit additionally performs earth, enclosure, patient, and patient auxiliary leakage current measurement using 1 of 5 human body impedance models. Tests performed under normal conditions, reverse power line or fault conditions, open ground, and open neutral are implemented automatically without operator interventions.
Test sequences can be programmed to “pause,” “continue on fail” or “fail retest”. The programmable “fail lock” feature enables the ability to stop the instrument on a fail and mandate a production supervisor password be entered. Test results are clearly indicated on a large, front-panel LCD display and an overall pass/fail indication is provided based on programmed limits. The unit provides cutoff times less than 0.5 ms, a device under test (DUT) discharge of 0.2 seconds and an adjustable DUT discharge from 0.05 kV to 5.1 kV. QuadTech, Inc.,


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