Helium Leak Detection
June 2006
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The Protec P3000 helium sniffer leak detector utilizes the company’s Wise Technology™ and is said to increase productivity levels and reliability in demanding production environments. The company says the leak detector provides dependable leak checking and lowers cost of ownership for component and pre-assembly testing of refrigerators, freezers and similar products. Leak rates can be displayed in refrigerant-equivalent leak rates while taking into account the difference in fill pressure between helium and refrigerant charge, as well as the detection of helium. Additionally, the Wise Technology is said to eliminate filament changes and the need for a turbo molecular pump. An operator guide, I-Guide, also minimizes operator error by ensuring the correct number of locations on each unit under test is checked, and that each location is tested for the predetermined minimum time. Inficon, www.inficon.com


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