Mechanical Shakers
June 2006
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According to the company, utilizing a mechanical shaker to conduct a vibration test to ensure a product can withstand critical frequencies without failure prior to release is a common and popular method to weed out manufacturing defects, such as excess solder and loose screws during production. This process is called Environmental Stress Screening (ESS), in which the product is said to be stimulated, as opposed to simulated. In this regard, it is intended to ultimately build product from component to finished product with zero defects. The prevailing philosophy for the success of the mechanical shaker for ESS application is that the shaker, in all probability, has enough performance (force, displacement, acceleration) to damage the product. If the shaker is capable of inducing failure and all aspects of the shaker are adjustable, then there may be a lesser vibration level in which manufacturing defects will occur. According to the company, its mechanical shaker is versatile and may be used as a quality tool to enhance the reliability and integrity of a product from the component level to the system level. M/RAD Corporation,

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