Electrical Analyzer Power Source
June 2006
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The company’s AC1000 is a companion power source to its Omnia® series of electrical safety compliance analyzers. The power source is designed to work with the Omnia’s functional run testing capabilities and line leakage applications that require an isolation transformer adjustable to 110 percent of line voltages. The AC1000 is a 1 kVA power source that is easy to set up and control by way of a master/slave operation configuration via a PLC interface. This, the company says, allows the Omnia to control various voltage and frequency set ups stored in the AC1000’s memory system.
Additionally, the AC1000 features three programmable memory locations, upgradeable to seven locations, that are capable of storing current limits, as well as voltage and frequency settings—all of which can be toggled while the output is enabled. Associated Research, Inc., www.asresearch.com


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