May 2006
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According to the company, its family of high-end 8-bit microcontrollers has an extra serial port for expanded connectivity and a faster analog
-to-digital-converter (ADC) for quick measurement. Through nanoWatt technology, the sleep current is 40 percent lower and the operating current is more than 50 percent lower compared to previous generations. The combination of cost-effectiveness, features and performance is said to be ideal for a wide variety of applications, such as battery-powered, industrial and consumer products. The PIC18F8622/8527/6622/6527 series of microcontrollers is said to provide high performance with its 10-bit, 100 ksps ADC; extended communication with two synchronous and two asynchronous serial ports; and longer battery life through nanoWatt technology and an 8 MHz internal oscillator. Microchip Technology Inc.


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