Epoxy Adhesive Offers Peel Strength and Shock Resistance
May 2006
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Polymer Adhesive EP21TDCHT is a two-component epoxy adhesive formulated to cure at room temperature and more rapidly at elevated temperatures, with a forgiving and convenient 1:1 mix ratio. Upon curing, the adhesive offers high shear and peel strength for applications subjected to temperature cycling, high vibration and mechanical shock.
The adhesive is designed to bond well to most metal, plastic, rubber, glass, and ceramic. The adhesive is a “flexibilized” system, said to suit it to applications bonding dissimilar substrates, especially when the substrates have different coefficients of expansion. The material is said to be an excellent electrical insulator and to resist water, oils, many organic solvents, and most other chemicals. The service temperature ranges from -100°F (-73°C) to 350°F (177°C). The adhesive can be used in electronic, medical and other OEM applications. A non-drip version is available (E21TDCHTND), as well as a faster curing version (EP21TDCHTF3). Master Bond, Inc., www.masterbond.com


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