Mold-Inhibiting Tapes for HVAC
May 2006
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This worldwide specialty tapes supplier released an HVAC product catalog with an innovative line of mold-inhibiting tapes. The company says it is the first tape manufacturer to include tested and approved mold-inhibiting agents in its HVAC adhesive product line.
“HVAC systems are perfect places for algae and mold to grow,” says Lew Cohen, president of the company. “Our goal is to supply products that help solve problems for our customers. We believe the new mold-inhibiting feature in our HVAC tapes is the first step in preventing the problem of mold growth in these systems.”
The specially treated tapes are identified with a red and black “no mold” seal. About half the products in the new HVAC catalog contain this seal, including duct board sealing and closure tapes, facing, aluminum foil, line set, bubble tapes, and insulation facing tapes. Venture Tape Corp.,


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