Electrically Conductive Adhesive
May 2006
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Aremco-Bond™ 556 is a new silver-filled, high temperature, electrically and thermally conductive adhesive for use in electronic and high vacuum components in applications to 340°F (171°C).
This two-part adhesive is formulated using high purity silver flake. The system exhibits a volume resistivity of 0.0052 ohm-cm at room temperature and thermal conductivity of 65.0 Btu-inch/hour-feet2-°F. It has tensile shear strength of 2,500 psi.
The adhesive is designed to mix easily in a 1:1 ratio by weight or volume. It sets at room temperature in 24 hours or can be heat-cured in 4 hours at 170°F (77°C), or 2 hours at 210°F (99°C). It comes in standard 50-g kits but can be packaged in divided bi-packs or pre-mixed and frozen syringes. Typical applications include sensors used in high vacuum systems, high-temperature connectors and specialty lighting, electronic, and semiconductor components. Aremco Products, Inc., www.aremco.com


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