Toneluck Switches
May 2006
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Toneluck is an established switch manufacturer with head-office in Hong Kong. Its China factories are ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 accredited; TS 16949 certification process will be completed in 2006 also. With high precision mold design capability, plastic and metal stamping, the cutting edge testing facilities, electro-plating, and assembly capabilities are all under one roof. We can serve customers with not only our standard products, but also custom-made solutions from concept to molds, production setup and end-of-life management. Our distribution centers in China, Hong Kong and the U.S. provide various JIT logistics solutions to automotive, appliances and HVAC customers.
In contrast with other broad line switch suppliers, Toneluck focuses on a few product groups only, and we aim to be the best supplier in each product group we participate.
Micro-switch Division – This division offers various micro-switches from the smallest water-proof micro to the standard sub-miniature and miniature micro-switches. Toneluck is the biggest high temperature micro-switches supplier in Asia. We provide micro-switches with operating temperature from 85°C to 220°C, 0.1 A to
25 A 125/250 V AC. High switching current and long endurance (100K cycles min) are the key characteristics of our micro-switches.
Wet Product Division – This division mainly offers various water level switches, power switches (push and rotary), motor starter switches and custom-made door inter-lock switch modules to washing machines and dishwasher manufacturers.
Hot Product Division – We offer various high temperature ignition switches and switch wire harness to the major electric oven and gas range manufacturers in Europe and the U.S. Our flagship D2 inter-lock switch can work under an extreme high temperature up to 220°C, which can help OEMs reduce insulation costs.
As a lot of technical discussion is involved in all projects, a powerful web-based project management platform is set up to link customer, Toneluck project engineers, product engineers, production, and logistics officers together, which makes sure your projects are delivered on time and smoothly. Please contact our sales representative for more information about our products and services.


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