Elec-Tron Inc. Electronic Components
May 2006
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The Elec-Tron EB Series two-pole power blocks provide line connectors ranging from screw terminals to lugs for #1/0 conductors.
These input terminals are coupled with various combinations of multiple quick-connect tabs and/or binding screw or pressure screw load connectors. You have nearly 100 models from which to choose, so one will be just right for you. The line connectors range from #1/0 to 18 AWG. Elec-Tron is “Your source with the right connections.”
View our catalog online: www.elec-troninc.com
For more information contact Elec-Tron at 2050 Northern, Wichita, Kansas, U.S. 67216; Tel: +1-316-522-3401; Fax: +1-316-524-6767.

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