Inter Control Inc. Temperature Controls
May 2006
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The companies Inter Control and Thermostat- und Schaltgerätebau are headquartered in Germany with production facilities and sales personnel worldwide. They produce a wide variety of adjustable and fixed set-point thermostats, thermal cutoffs (TCOs), temperature limiters, combinations, and a range of complimentary products for controlling and monitoring temperature in household appliances.
As specialists with more than 40 years of experience in application engineering, Inter Control and TSB work closely with customers to ensure that controls are ideally suited to the requirements of the end product, comply with the relevant regulations and can be mounted efficiently. Extensive laboratory and test facilities are available during the design phase and modern measuring and documentation techniques are used to ensure top quality and reliability.
Safety is a big issue in household appliances and a priority for IC and TSB. Inter Control produces the only TCO worldwide that conforms to the stringent UL TH-100 rating for use in drip coffee machines. This rating was designed to eliminate the danger of fires and established a TCO holding temperature representing 100 weeks of continuous operation under normal load, after which the TCO must still function correctly. A highlight is the “Discomelt” thermostat-TCO combination on an aluminum baseplate. This one-piece assembly unit is especially suited to mounting on a heating element. It is designed for handling with pick and place equipment for automated assembly and can be provided with different terminal versions, including quick connectors, crimp or welding terminals or combinations of these. The combination of thermostat and TCO on a single baseplate ensures accurate temperature sensing from the same fixing point, enabling the appliance manufacturer to achieve tight temperature tolerances between thermostat and TCO. The combination of two functions in a single component leads to savings for customers, reducing wiring and assembly costs.
For further information contact Inter Control Inc., 174 Battery Street, Burlington, Vermont, U.S. 05401; Phone: +1-802-864-8362; Fax: +1-802-865-2803; e-mail:; Web site


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