ebm-papst Inc. Fans and Blowers
May 2006
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ebm-papst Inc. has introduced ACmaxx technology for fans. This breakthrough product line is extremely versatile and can be used from 85 V to 265 V, 50 Hz and 60 Hz for worldwide voltages. With up to 75 percent lower power consumption, the ACmaxx allows for a cost savings of at least 50 percent over standard AC fans. The ACmaxx fans have integrated intelligence for flexibility in your applications. With features monitoring speed control, failure detection, speed and function monitoring, the ACmaxx will revolutionize the way you think about AC. A broad range of ACmaxx fans will be available for use in the industrial sector in switch cabinets, filter fans, welding machines, refrigerated shelves and counters, and for ventilation and air-conditioning systems.
Check out ebm-papst’s NRG118 (Gas Blower 2006), now in full production. The NRG118 premix-ready gas blower, featuring ebm-papst EC motor technology, sets a new standard concerning size, noise and efficiency. The dimension of the NRG118,
160 mm by 160 mm by 90 mm, is a reduction of approximately 20 percent compared to the existing product range, without a decrease in performance.
For maximum air-flow at low flow rates with minimal mounting depth, ebm-papst’s variety of crossflow blowers can’t be beat. Crossflow blower applications include stove jacket cooling, storage heaters, overhead projectors, solarium, air-conditioning, and heating units.
ebm-papst hot air blowers excel at optimal air volumes as well as long service life for your ovens, climate cabinets, food and plate warmers, and medical equipment. For freezers, coolers/chillers, compressors, and condensers, our frost-free motors and impellers are the perfect answers for efficiency and reliability.
For more information, visit us at www.ebmpapst.us; e-mail: sales@us.ebmpapst.com; Tel: +1-860-674-1515


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