NEOPERL, Inc. Flow Regulators
May 2006
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NEOPERL® flow regulators are available in more than 12 OD sizes from 5/16 inch to 15/16 inch. They are easy to insert directly into your application device (no need for a separate housing or retaining device), maintain a constant flow rate regardless of variations in pressure and are noiseless and trouble free for many years. They are available in flow rates from
0.1 gpm to 25 gpm.
NEOPERL also offers a line of flow regulators that come combined with a reliable spring-loaded check valve (CV14FR and CV15FR) in a compact cartridge (15-mm OD) or combined with a faucet aerator (PCA® line 1.5 gpm or 2.2 gpm) or faucet attachment (Laminar PCA Care® 1.5 or 2.2 gpm, PCA Spray 0.5 gpm or 1.0 gpm).
Applications of insert flow regulators include appliances, and appliance components such as solenoid valves and filters. Certified to ANSI/NSF 61.
Request NEOPERL’s Engineering Source Book to select the perfect solution for your OEM application. Detailed product sheets offer insight into a vast product range of faucet aerators, pressure compensating aerators, check valve cartridges, flow regulator inserts, or flow regulating check valves.
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