Rogan Corporation Injection Molding
May 2006
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Rogan Corporation is a custom plastic injection molder, specializing in multi material plastic molding solutions. Rogan has more than 20 years of experience working with a wide variety of engineered materials from ergonomic enhancing “soft touch” thermoplastic elastomers to rugged high impact polymers. Our business is comprised of two segments: Built-to-Order Knobs and Levers and Custom Molding. Manufacturing capabilities include single and 2-shot injection molding, insert molding, overmolding and thermoset compression molding.
The company is a global supplier of multi- and single-shot knobs and levers, including clamping, fastening and control/instrument. Rogan provides customers with a build-to-order opportunity, secondary value-added operations and metal hardware options. Rogan offers design, process, and manufacturing engineers, toolmakers, full-service tool design, prototypes, and mold flow analysis. Rogan can easily modify existing tooling to meet your specific needs. Customization allows you to choose specific selections of threads, studs, inserts, colors, and materials. To produce the innovative, high quality and production efficient solutions to your plastic needs we utilize the following operational capabilities: decorating: embedded markings; hot stamping; laser etching; heat staking; pad printing and finishing operations: spring insertion, drill, tap, and screw insertion; magnetic induction welding; sub and full assembly; ultra sonic welding; quality/performance testing.
Rogan is committed to designing, developing and manufacturing our parts on time and with the highest standard of quality. With this philosophy in mind, we have implemented two major programs to ensure these standards are met. A quality system and continuous improvement program promote these two major objectives: 100 percent on-time delivery and zero defects.
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