Brushtech Inc. Brushes
May 2006
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Since 1976, Brushtech Inc. has been producing innovative and “problem solving” brushes for the appliance industry.
Brushtech was the first to solve many appliance related problems by designing appropriate brushes. You are welcome to take advantage of our research and development department to design brushes for your particular needs.
One example of our innovativeness is our flexible stem, 10-foot long brush, which removes lint from clothes dryer ducts.
Another is our 30-inch long brush, which removes lint from clothes dryer filter traps.
Both brushes have surely prevented hundreds of fires. They have also generated handsome profits to all who have sold them.
Our food disposer cleaning brush is unique in its design and has sold as many as hundreds of thousands.
Other brushes of convenience include our Wide Faced BBQ Grill brushes, which take wide sweeps to clean the largest of grills in less than 1 minute.
For more information, contact Brushtech Inc.; P.O. Box 1130, Plattsburgh, New York, U.S., 12901; Tel: +1-518-563-8420; Fax: +1-518-563-0581; e-mail:; Web site: Brushtech Inc.

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