American Sealants, Inc. Adhesives, Sealants and Packaging
May 2006
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American Sealants, Inc. helps appliance makers with adhesive and sealant product and packaging solutions.

American Sealant, Inc. offers many custom or specified products:
• silicone and hi-temperature silicones (acetoxy
and neutral cure)
• solvent-base and water-base adhesives
• two-part silicones
• urethanes
• self-leveling silicones
• anaerobic
• heat and UV
• cure sealant/adhesives
• cyanoacrylates
• potting compounds
• specialty epoxies
• greases
• special color matching
• custom blending/viscosities

American Sealants’ products serve many applications and industries:
• maintenance & repair operations
• specialty applications
• automotive, marine, building/window,
electronics, glass

American Sealants offers custom or specified packaging:
• contract and private label packaging

• chub packs (sausage/foil packs)
• specialty packaging (pillow/foil packs)
• cartridges (10.2 ounce-quarts)
• plastic and metal squeeze tubes
(1/2 ounce-12 ounce)
• syringes and semcos
• pails and drums
• two-part packaging

American Sealants provides the right solution to meet the needs of every customer. No job is too big or too small. For more information, contact American Sealants, Inc.; Tel: +1-800-325-7040; e-mail:;
Web site:


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