BTM Corporation Prepainted Metal Clinching
May 2006
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Using prepainted steel and aluminum for the manufacture of appliances and other consumer products has made a major contribution in the effort to reduce the cost of appliance manufacturing. However, the numerous benefits of using prepainted metals can only be realized when the fabrication of these parts is combined with an assembly method that is equally cost effective. This process is Tog-L-Loc clinching.
The Tog-L-Loc clinching method uses simple punch and die tooling, which draws the metals into a pocket then forms them into a round, leak-proof interlock. The sides of the die expand as the metals are interlocked to form a kind of rivet head. The punch is then withdrawn and the joined parts are easily removed from the die. The process takes just a fraction of a second.
Tog-L-Loc punch and die tooling has the unique ability to cause the metals to flow into the interlocked shape with a relatively low amount of force being exerted on the metals and their paint. Tog-L-Loc creates virtually no heat, so it will not burn the paint from the metals being joined. This makes Tog-L-Loc well suited for joining prepainted metals with a reduced possibility of upsetting the paint.
Prepainted metals are available with different paint formulas. Paints are available which exhibit virtually imperceptible damage after Tog-L-Loc. Also, most products are designed placing Tog-L-Loc joints on non-view surfaces which permit more visual tolerance toward paint quality.
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