Centrifugal Pumps
April 2006
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The TRA400 series of centrifugal pumps is available in five models in both volute and non-volute styles. Each pump is machined from 316 L stainless steel or other high quality alloy bar and plates, eliminating the problems associated with traditional castings, such as cracks, pits, shrink, and high ferrite content. Additionally, the Softsterile flushing system (patent pending) for double seal flushing eliminates the external piping said to be common to all other high purity centrifugal pumps. The flushing system is said to mark a technological advance in the art of high-purity pump design because it eliminates the need for multiple connections, gaskets, elbows, bent tubes, and compression fittings that can be sources of contamination, misalignment and gasket extrusion, and thus compromise process purity and reliability. Wright Pump

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