April 2006
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Coiltronics® high current HC8LP surface mount inductors are said to offer a lower profile (3.5 mm in height) with a wider inductance range and higher inductance values from 0.17 µH to 47.9 µH. Featuring low resistance flat-wire construction, the inductors are designed to meet the electrical needs of microprocessors, VRM (multi-phase buck regulator) circuits, high current DC-DC converters, PC workstations, routers, servers, telecom soft switches, base stations, and other high current applications where height is critical. The inductors have a current range from 29.0 A to 1.8 A and a frequency range up to 500 kHz. The units are RoHS compliant and use high temperature powder iron material and a non-organic binder to eliminate thermal aging problems associated with other iron powder inductors. Cooper Electronic Technologies, a unit of Cooper Bussmann

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