Thermoforming Machine
April 2006
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The company offers a thermoforming machine that is fed by plastic roll for the production of the refrigerator inner liners and doors. The roll feed VF-20-08-02 features a high production speed, as it is said to reach up to 120 cycles/hour. The machine can form material as thick as 1 mm with an area of 2,000 mm by 800 mm and a maximum height of 150 mm. According to the company, the machine can produce 360 inner doors per hour. The heating of the material is created on both surfaces through flat ceramic heating elements type “HTS” high temperature system, where the temperature is monitored by infrared pyrometer and is controlled by pilot thermocouple elements in close loop technology. This is said to keep the temperature constant throughout the entire heating phase. QS Group S.p.A.


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