Conveyor System
March 2006
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The conveyor system from the company is constructed of high-impact plastic modules that are assembled in what the company describes as a “Lego” scheme of interlocking sectional units. Sections include belts, sides, legs, motors, and accessories that make up modules. Self-tracking belts are available in 10 styles in 4-inch to 60-inch widths. Optional features include drive flights of 1-inch, 2-inch and 3-inch heights, flanges to extend side retaining walls, adjustable leg sets to control conveyor height, and leg sets with casters to facilitate wheeling the conveyors away from work cells or to other plant locations. The components and accessories enable manufacturers to adapt to a variety of situations, such as detecting mishaps on the conveyor line, cushioning the impact of items that must drop on the belt and accommodating a tote stacking system.


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