March 2006
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Amplifiers from the company are said to offer high accuracy, low power, small size, and low price. Requiring a supply current of 150 µA, the AD8538 is said to offer three times better temperature drift performance compared to the closest competing device—a drift performance level equivalent to products requiring over 1 mA of supply current. According to the company, the amplifier’s low power and high precision make it well-suited for markets such as medical equipment, pressure and thermal sensors and automotive electronics. The AD8613, AD8617 and AD8619 devices are single-, dual- and quad-op amps with rail-to-rail inputs and outputs that deliver 50 percent lower noise and 30 percent lower power with twice the precision of competing devices. Fully guaranteed for low-voltage operation down to 1.8 V, the amplifiers are said to be ideal for battery-operated devices, such as temperature monitors and carbon dioxide detectors, where power management and reliability are critical. Analog Devices Inc.


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