Fluid Dynamic Bearing Motor
April 2006
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The fluid dynamic bearing (FDB) motor for the DLP television market is based on the same FDB technology used in the company’s polygon scanner motors for the laser printer and office peripheral industries.

Large screen/HDTV manufacturers want to guarantee the longest life possible, and this is a point of differentiation in the competitive marketplace. A minimum life of 30,000 hours can be expected with the FDB colorwheel motor, according to the supplier. The motor is available in 14 mm and 24 mm versions, so it can accommodate a wide range of colorwheel diameters.

The advantage of this motor comes from the fluid dynamic bearing. Within the interior surface of the oil-impregnated sintered bronze construction, herringbone grooves create lubricating hydrodynamic journals on which the shaft rotates.

The colorwheel motor not only provides longer life, it is also said to offer reduced noise, higher temperature tolerance, improved stiffness, lower vibration, higher speed, high performance, and lower costs than competing technologies.


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