Motor for Intelligent Control
April 2006
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Embedded in the Electronic Performance Control (EPC) is the capability to modify output horsepower (hp) or speed to meet a predetermined target, without the need for user programming. The EPC contains the code necessary to allow simple commands to set the power output, such as the flow of air or other liquid, or speed. A selection of motor size, allows the supplier to tailor the combination of motor and electronics to suit the application needs.

No programming is required to operate in constant massflow mode. One control (SKU) and 3 or 4 motors can cover applications from 1/10 hp up to 1.0 hp. Factory preset adjustments for power output range and independent mode adjustments for furnace blower output in the customer factory or in the field are accomplished via easily accessible DIP switches.

The unit has a 16-pin thermostat interface for direct replacement of a complete line of existing smart motors using one control and a few motors. The motor features automatic voltage detection for 115 V AC through 277 V AC with one controller and remote mounting standard for use in tight locations.

Control may be mounted outside of the air stream for better environmental isolation and easy access during installation and field adjustment and service. This may be especially important in applications such as fan powered VAV boxes.

More than one motor may be connected to a single control, up to the maximum 1.0 hp, to operate in tandem. This can reduce the installed cost. All mechanical features available in standard blower motors are available and all EMI filtering is built into the control.


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