GV-Type Cooling Fan Motor Yields 66 Percent Higher Airflow
April 2006
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The San Ace 172 family of DC cooling fan motors includes a quiet, energy-efficient GV-type series designed to provide significantly higher airflow. Available in 24-V and 48-V models, the new unit is a sidecut-style fan motor measuring 172 mm by
150 mm by 51 mm and designed for use in server units, data storage systems, communications equipment, and a variety of industrial equipment.

The innovative new design increases maximum airflow by as much as 66 percent over its predecessor (11.32m/min, 400 CFM, 690 Pa/2.77 inH2O), while consuming 20 percent less power (96 W). In addition, an advanced impeller and frame design is said to allow the motor to operate 5 dB quieter than its competition. It has an L10 life expectancy of 40,000 hours at 60ºC and it is RoHS compliant.

Optional features include tachometer sensor and lock rotor sensor outputs, as well as pulse-width-modulation control, which permits the fan’s rotational speed to be widely and accurately controlled in order to attenuate noise and power consumption. Sanyo Denki

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