February 2006
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The company's series of bulb and capillary thermostats feature a 30-A capacity and a variety of options designed to provide an excellent level of safety and flexibility. With high current capacity, the SHQ, SHR, SJQ, and SJW series are said to increase the breadth of applications that the company can now fulfill. Suitable applications include a broad range of commercial and residential cooking appliances, pools and spas, electric heaters, deep fryers, laundry appliances, and HVAC appliances. The thermostats are electro-mechanical "on/off" switches activated by temperature ranges from -4 degrees fahrenheit to 608 degrees fahrenheit (-20 degrees celcius to 320 degrees celcius) that open on temperature rise. All thermostats are available with a variety of mounting hardware, including front and back brackets for installation flexibility. The thermostats are available with a number of options, including 8-32 and 10-32 screw terminals for easy drop-in placement, and material choices of copper, stainless steel or nickel plating. Other options include 0.250 quick-connects, customer markings, pilot duty load rating, and gold flash contacts. Selco Products Company


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