Mix Dispense System
February 2006
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The company’s EZ-mix‚ VR variable ratio meter-mix dispense system features four piston pumps that can each achieve pressures greater than 2,000 pounds per square inch (psi) and provide a continuous, seamless flow of material from any size reservoir. Capable of dispensing highly abrasive and viscous materials, each pump can have a stainless steel piston, hard-coated steel cylinder walls, Teflon seals, and ceramic valves. Designed to dispense a continuous, uniform bead with 0.1 ml accuracy, the dispense system eliminates interruption from refilling. Each piston pump is controlled by its own stepper motor and encoder to provide positive displacement and closed-loop dispensing. Additionally, the desired mix ratio is user-programmable and can be changed on-the-fly. DTIC Dispensing Technologies


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