Production System
February 2006
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Manual production components from Bosch Rexroth Corporation are designed to speed and simplify the implementation of lean manufacturing systems to help companies reduce waste and increase productivity. The Manual Production Systems (MPS) product line is based on its line of modular aluminum framing components, combined with ergonomically tested manual workplace components. The system is said to add a range of new workstations and accessories that are designed to make it easy to follow lean production principles, such as one-piece flow, line-side parts stores and water-spider inventory replenishment. The production system consists of three pillars-workstations and workstation accessories that can be freely configured, material supply (flow racks) and manual conveyors. Workstations and flow rack systems can be arranged according to specific needs and later converted or expanded flexibly. The company says simple conveyor technology, as well as compatibility with all products in the company's structural framing system, facilitates quick construction and conversion.

The company's production components are said to give customers the ability to adapt quickly as demand dictates and all systems are said to be easily configurable and can adjust to workplace requirements. Many of the company's production components, such as complete workstations, tabletops, flow racks, material shelves, and other accessories, are ESD (Electro-Static Discharge) safe. According to the company, users can quickly design workstations and material flow racks with MPScalc design software, which captures critical parameters, such as dimensions, material type and quantity, and allows users to design a workstation, calculate its price and produce accurate 3-D drawings.


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